Shopping Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

What is minimum time for order?

Both Online and In-store, we need minimum of 3 days for orders.
Order may need longer notice during Festive season.

For item available on the day, you can also see on our and partners Deliveroo pages.

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Do you take table reservations?

Because of our limited space, there is no reserved seating at our shop. We welcome you to order at the counter and seat yourself at any of the available tables.

Do you deliver?


We have both Deliveroo and our own partner delivery.

Area coverage and available items are depending on each partners.

Please visit their site for more detail.

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Ealing Broadway:

Covent Garden:

Hare and Toirtoise:
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Do you make wedding cakes?

At the moment, we do not make bespoke wedding cakes but we hope to take orders in the futures, until then please bear with us.

Do you have vegan option?

We do not have vegan option. .

Do you have allergen list?

Please refer item pages for allergen. All our kitchens handle all the main allergens of dairy, nuts, peanuts, cereals containing gluten, egg, sesame, mustard, fish, celery, molluscs, crustaceans and soya.

Do you have Wi-Fi?

There is no Wi-Fi. Please enjoy time with your friends and family.

What are your Terms and Conditions?

Terms & Conditions

For all orders (This applies all orders on top of additional T&C for each platform. Any area overwrapped, additional T&C on the platform will be prioritised.)
•Please check allergen information before you purchase.
•Please check order confirmation e-mail. For any change, please contact us immediately.
•In the event we cannot fill your orders, we will contact you as soon as we can.
•It is customer’s responsibility to key in correct e-mail and UK contact phone number.
•If you order item(s) to collect outside available collection period, we will automatically remove from your order and refund without prior notice.
•Change / cancellation / refund can be made only if your original date or new date is more than 3 working days later, whichever gives longer days for us. For example, ordering on Tuesday to collect your order on Friday of the same week, we cannot make any change, cancellation, nor refund for this order. Please be advised longer notice required for order/cancel/change during festive season. Please refer lead time for each platform.
•We cannot take packing request.
•We / Third party collection point do not keep items past your date of pick up.
•Please refrigerate cake as soon as possible following pick up / delivery and keep refrigerated until serving. Do not keep cakes outside for more than 30 minutes. Handle delicately, as our cakes are very fragile. Our cakes and bread are best eaten on the date of purchase / delivery especially cake with fresh fruits on decoration, but cakes can be consume within 2 days of purchase/delivery.
•Please tick option for message plaque before type in message. We can only accept personalised message plaque when you choose that opton. If this have not been done, we are sorry but we cannot make message plaque. If you choose to add message plaque but left message box blank, we will automatically add  “Happy Birthday” on the plaque.


For WA Cafe Delivery
•Delivery will be made anytime between 10am – 19pm.
•You cannot request delivery time nor specific instruction.
•Please ingnore delivery time on time selection or on order confirmation. We will send you ETA a day before delivery date which is between 10am – 19pm.
•Person who placed an order may receive notification e-mail or text from courier. This notification is guide only and due to traffic there will be delay / early arrival. If your order to be sent to different from your home address, it is customer’s resposibility to let recepient know about order.
•If you need to reschedule date or cancel your order, please e-mail with 3 days’ notice.
•We cannot accept request for change / cancel order without permission from person placed order and made payment.


For WA Cafe collection
•Please ingnore collection time on time selection or on order confirmation. You can collect anytime during store opening hours on the date you chose. This, however, doe not applicable for seasonal site. Please see instruction on seasonal site.
•If you need to reschedule or cancel your order, please CALL (not e-mail) store directly.
Ealing 020 8991 7855
Covent Garden 020 7240 5567
•Please bring confirmation e-mail as proof of purchase to collect your order.


For Tian Tian Collection
•For any query, please contact This order cannot be dealt at stores.
•Office open Mon-Fri 9am – 16pm except bank holidays for this order.
•South Quay – Order by Tuesday to collect on Friday of same week or after.
•Aldgate – Order by Wednesday to collect on Saturday of same week or after.
•Collection date is Friday only for South Quay, and Saturday only for Aldgate.
•If you order other days, we will automatically move to nearest available collection day. You can collect anytime on your collection date during Tian Tian opening hours.
•Please bring confirmation e-mail as proof of purchase to collect your order.


e Gift Voucher
Please keep your voucher code safe. We are not responsible for any loss, damage or expose of voucher and its code. If there is delivery fee and/or minimum spend, these cannot be redeemed by voucher. Voucher is non-refundable. Voucher is redeemable at WA cafe stores and onlie stores supported by Square Up.

Where can I find a list of Allergen Information?

Please see item pages.
All our kitchens handle all the main allergens of dairy, nuts, peanuts, cereals containing gluten, egg, sesame, mustard, fish, celery, molluscs, crustaceans and soya.