Shopping Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

What is minimum time for order?

Both Online and In-store, we need minimum of 3 days for orders.

For item available on the day, you can also see on our and partners Deliveroo pages.

Slerp same day Delivery & Pick up

Deliveroo Ealing here

Deliveroo Covent Garden here

Deliveroo Hare & Tortoise here

What is your order terms and condition?

Terms & Conditions
For all orders (This applies all orders on top of additional T&C for each platform)
•Please check order confirmation e-mail sent separately from PayPal receipt and check detail. If any change, please contact us immediately.
•In the event we cannot fill your orders, we will contact you as soon as we can.
•If you order item(s) to collect outside available collection period, we will automatically remove from your order and refund without prior notice.
•Change / cancellation / refund can be made only if your original collection date is more than 3 working days later.
 For example, ordering on Tuesday to collect your order on Friday of the same week, we cannot make any change, cancellation, nor refund for this order.
•We / Third party collection point do not keep items past your date of pick up.
•Please bring confirmation e-mail as proof of purchase to collect your order.
•Please refrigerate cake as soon as possible following pick up and keep refrigerated until serving. Do not keep cakes outside for more than 30 minutes. Handle delicately, as our cakes are very fragile. Our cakes are best eaten within 2 days of purchase.


For WA Cafe collection
•If you have not received confirmation e-mail within 24 hours of placing order, please contact stores.
•If you need to reschedule or cancel your order, please CALL (not e-mail) store directly.
Ealing 020 8991 7855
Covent Garden 020 7240 5567


For Tian Tian Collection (
•If you have not received confirmation e-mail within 24 hours of placing order, please contact us immediately at This order cannot be dealt at stores.
•Office open Mon-Fri 9am – 15pm except bank holidays for this order.
•South Quay – Order by Tuesday to collect on Friday of same week or after.
•Aldgate – Order by Wednesday to collect on Saturday of same week or after.
•Collection date is Friday only for South Quay, and Saturday only for Aldgate.
•If you order other days, we will automatically move to nearest available collection day.
You can collect anytime on your collection date during Tian Tian opening hours.

Do you take table reservations?

Because of our limited space, there is no reserved seating at our shop. We welcome you to order at the counter and seat yourself at any of the available tables.

Do you deliver?


We have both Deliveroo and our own partner delivery.

Area coverage and available items are depending on each partners.

Please visit their site for more detail.

Slerp (both sotres)
Delivery by partner

Ealing Broadway:

Covent Garden:

Hare and Toirtoise:
Please click here

Do you make wedding cakes?

At the moment, we do not make bespoke wedding cakes but we hope to take orders in the futures, until then please bear with us.

Where can I find a list of Allergen Information?