Shopping Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

What is minimum time for order?

Both Online and In-store, we need minimum of 3 days for orders. Also any change/cancel of order, we need 3 days. After this time frame, you cannot change/cancel orders and no refund/change can be made. For item available on the day, you can also see on our and partners Deliveroo pages.

Deliveroo Ealing here

Deliveroo Covent Garden here

Deliveroo Hare & Tortoise here

Do you take table reservations?

Because of our limited space, there is no reserved seating at our shop. We welcome you to order at the counter and seat yourself at any of the available tables.

Do you deliver?

No, we do not have ouw own delivery service. We only offer collection at shop.

However we have Deliveroo service. Please visit our stores on Deliveroo.

Ealing Broadway:

Covent Garden:

Do you make wedding cakes?

At the moment, we do not make bespoke wedding cakes but we hope to take orders in the futures, until then please bear with us.

Where can I find a list of Allergen Information?